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If you are reading this message, it appears that you have trusted another “faithful” broker and couldn’t get your money back. Perhaps, you have become a victim of any kind of forex, crypto brokers, or a binary options advertising man.

You placed confidence in the organization that happened to be a faker. And, regretfully, you are not the only one. There are a lot of credulous people.

Nowadays the internet is overfilled with ads on the subject . There are so many ways to provide the information to an eventual victim.

One of the most traditional methods to make you believe is to demonstrate the successful cases of those who would seem to end up earning a lot of money through the use of a company/ internet site/app and so on. Scammers frequently use famous names, affirming that these people have made their fortune on that. You can find plenty of imaginary stories online with the names of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others.

Sure enough, if famous people find out that their names are used for any kind of fraud they go to court, but will it refund your money?

The most popular kinds of fraud

On the landing pages, there are hundreds of people giving their stories of making a fortune on that. For instance:

Single-page websites advertising fake coaches, forecasters, wealthy men who are ready to spread their unique method “how to make a fortune”. For example:

"Official" websites – the most traditional way! You are not allowed to take out cash for some reasons:

  • Your bonuses haven’t been spent
  • You just can’t take cash out, and you can’t reach anybody on the phone numbers given
  • The internet site is out of work within a very short time.

The most traditional kind of deceit

there are so many examples of those who swallowed the bait of the scammers and got left in the dust.

In advertisements placed in the ITV newsfeed, they announce

How do the swindlers work

Definitive Guide

Forex brokers, cryptocurrency brokers, and the ones who push forward binaries operations use different kinds of tricks.

The most famous online fraud is connected with the broker’s account.

Foreign/independent brokers suggest investors subscribing to one of their main analyst’s broker account and offer prospects of great monthly profitability.

Not being able to withdraw your money is another traditional fraud. It can be justified by different reasons, like getting bonus money or by the terms of the treaty, which was not read carefully.

Illegal credit card payment is another common scam. The broker makes a transaction using the investor’s credit card to add more money to his trading account because the broker gets funds from new deposits.

How distinguish a scam broker?

  • He mentions the terms “Secure and Safe”, but he doesn’t own a current license.
  • As soon as you deposit 250$, they will demand 5000$ to be invested.
  • The broker phones you proposing a “Managed account” and a constant income.
  • He claims that his company is allowed to operate without a license.
  • He requests to deposit some sort of a tax, so you can take out your earnings.

One of the old standing scams is Forex fraud. And the internet took a key part in that process. The increasing popularity of Crypto investing caused the multiplication of the complaints about bad Forex CFD brokers, including this asset in the list.

So, just make a very careful investigation and don’t believe that you can make 500$ a day doing nothing. For every broker and every trading system, you may be interested in there are another fifty doing the same job.

How not to become a scam target

If you don’t want to be a victim of a scam, make a very careful investigation on your online broker. Try to answer these questions:

  • Does the broker I chose own a current license from the Government Financial Services Regulator Authorities? (FCA UK, FSCA South Africa, or Australia ASIC.)
  • Does the broker insist on depositing money? Does he phone me every day?
  • Does the broker’s license guard my interests?
  • Can I take out my funds as soon as I want?

Another thing you should focus on is false trading systems.

  • Do not use at any price program trading software, unless you check its activity.
  • Do not fall for tricks of incredible examples, as all of them are false and illegitimate.
  • If an app or somebody is allowed to open your account, that means they have an access to your account.
  • And furthermore! Previous success cannot guarantee future benefit!

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